Home Elevators Supporting a Caregiver Environment

A revolution in home mobility

In-home non-medical care can immediately enhance lifestyle, improve independence and take pressure off the main caregiver.

Increasingly popular with people who find themselves or family members less mobile through accident, ageing, illness or disability, are a new-age of home elevators which can offer a safe and elegant alternative to the stairs.

Gone are the days where an elevator in the home has to be clunky and cumbersome, now practical can meet beautiful and create an exceptional home travel experience.

These days residential elevators can be modular and versatile, so they arrive in pieces and are built back up into almost any space with the home. There is no need to consider low doorways or ceilings and no need to move pipework, alter electrics or carry out major building works.

Non-hydraulic, self-supporting lifts are particularly well suited to the home environment, as they are quiet with a self-contained motor in the lift lid meaning no need for a noisy machine room, lift shaft or pit. Some simply glide between floors on their own slimline vertical rails.

Elevator specialists leading the wayA couple of home elevator specialists, leading the march with high-tech yet attractive home lift solutions, are Stiltz and relative newcomers, Lifton

Home elevator manufacturer Stiltz is rapidly becoming a household name, offer a standard wheelchair lift with fantastic optional extras such as thru-car, giving entry/exit from both sides, a transparent cabin body letting natural light flood through and one of the smallest footprints of any wheelchair lift on the market at less than 13.5 square feet.

Residential elevator company Lifton appear to often a more luxurious version of a similar product with its LiftonTRIO which has been designed to allow a full-sized wheelchair or up to three people. It has wider entry and exit points and a gently-angled ramp for easier wheelchair level access.

Both the Lifton and the Stiltz home elevators are ‘plug-and-play’, which means, once installed, both plug straight into a standard domestic plug and are good to go, making them convenient and energy efficient.

A hardworking, multi-tasking solution

Whether you are caring for a parent in their home or looking after a loved one in your own home, a home elevator is a hardworking, mobility solution. In addition to carrying passengers comfortably between floors, it can transport heavy laundry, luggage and even the vacuum cleaner, quickly and safely.

Most come with handy remote controls, so even if you are downstairs and the elevator is stationed upstairs, you can call it to your level.

Using intelligent technology, home lifts these days now feature excellent safety features such as sensors to stop the lift when an obstruction is detected, overweight sensors, emergency stop buttons, full height light curtains and a key switch operation which isolates the lift when you are away on vacation or small kids are present.

A good home lift provider will also offer you a warranty on parts and maintenance giving you total peace of mind when using your new home elevator. Certain specialists even offer a choice of bespoke or tailor-made elements to suit your personal style and taste.

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