When Should Someone Make the Decision to Install Home Modification Products?

Too often this decision is made under duress when one is in a crisis situation, perhaps after a
fall, and either in the hospital or rehab after having surgery. Many of of our clients fall into this category. And although we can often accommodate someone’s needs with relatively short notice, this is certainly not the ideal way to make this decision. Shown below I have listed several examples of “pre-crisis” time frames of when to consider home

  1. When a “senior” has determined that they want to “age in place” and perhaps are
    having specific challenges, i.e., stepping over a tub, navigating a stairway, or difficulty
    getting their walker through the bathroom door.
  2. When someone with a chronic disease recognizes that they no longer can safely get into
    or out of the tub or shower, or navigate the steps going into their home.
  3. Those who have had minor or major surgery, and realize that their home needs to be
    made safer before they return home.
  4. Those who are currently in rehab after suffering a life threatening injury, and realize
    that for their home to be accessible and “user friendly”, will need to have extensive
    home modification.

These are just a few examples of more “practical” circumstances to consider home
modifications, before a crisis occurs.