Home Modification vs. Remodeling – Is There a Difference?

The answer to this question is a resounding “YES”, and the difference is HUGE! From Miriam Webster, the definition of remodeling is: “to reconstruct or make over”, as to remodel a kitchen. The definition of home modification refers to “converting or adapting the environment in order to make performing tasks easier, reduce falls, and support independent living”. An example would be the widening of a door enabling someone using a walker or in a wheelchair to gain access into the room more easily.

Since 2006 our sole focus at HomeFree Home Modification has been to assist individuals wishing to remain at home to do so with more independence & safety. There are many companies in the Atlanta area who are “remodelers”, but also claim to be experts in home modification/accessibility. But in this case, home accessibility is an “afterthought”, like their “secondary language”, not their main business.

At HomeFree, if you want your bathroom “updated” we will refer you to a remodeler. But if you want your bathroom to be more “user friendly”, i.e., stepping into the shower or tub without jeopardizing yourself for a fall, we are the ones for the job! Because of home modification being all that we do, you don’t have to be concerned about our capability to assist you with any job, small or large, to make your home more accessible.

Call us at 770-939-0747, or email at info@homefreemods.com . For when you are seeking home modification, HomeFree Home Modification should be your first contact.