Home Modification – Is it a Necessity?

The answer to that question is “possibly so”. In order to clarify that answer, I need to go into a little more detail. One thing is common to us all: we are all going to age,  (although obviously some will live to be older than others). The thing that is not so clear cut is the aging process itself.  As we age, some will have more challenges with physical, mental, & emotional issues, than others. But those of us, who are blessed to become “senior citizens”, will need to make a decision. Will we choose to “Age in Place”, (remaining in our homes), or move into another environment, such as independent living, assisted living, personal care home, etc.

Should we chose to age in place, and statistics tell us that 85-90% of us do, many of us will need to modify our homes in order to do so with safety and some degree of independence. Although some will be able to age in place and never need home modification, experience tells us that this is not the case. The aging process can make it more difficult to get into & out of our homes, into & out of the tub/shower, and unfortunately, the doors in our homes aren’t wide enough to get walkers and wheelchairs safely through. That’s just a few of the issues we face. So, there you have the answer to the question: “Home Modification – Is it a Necessity?

We at HomeFree Home Modification hope that you can live safely in your home as long as you want and need to. But when it becomes clear that modification is the answer, we have been assisting folks all across the Atlanta area for over 12 years to do so successfully. Please call us at 770-939-0747, or email us at info@homefreemods.com , and we will provide you with a FREE home evaluation.